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This was really cute! I loved the storyline and artstyle :3


Please make more of these!


On it! Come back in a year or five ^^




This looks really good!

The art style looks really well drawn, plus

It's SFW. Or atleast what I consider SFW. It really surprised me how well it was put together. Along with a little romance. (still SFW)

Oh and I like cats. So that's a bonus.


9/10 On Artistic Quality.

8/10 On Story Line

10/10 On Orb (yes it's a thing now)

Overall, 9.5/10. It's a great VN!


The internet can never have enough cats >w<


Despite how short this was, I really enjoyed it. It was amazing, well done. Y'all did a good job


Many thanks, I'm glad you liked it!


Aw, it was very cute. <3


Yay, thank you! UwU


I love it! Beautiful story, that explores some themes I care about and doesn't overstay its welcome. Bonus points for two very different people being in love, and doing their best to accommodate each other. It's very inspiring, in more than one way. There will be more, right?


NoTimeToPlay making time to play this? :D Thank you for the comment. It's nice to hear this. As for your question, there are currently no plans for more with Michi and Ken, because I got ideas for a brand new story.


Nice game


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One of the cutest couple I've seen in furry vns! Too bad there won't be more moments of Ken and Michi...

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Well thanks for the praise!! I'm glad you liked it.


<3 fur